#herHACK 20.24

A female-led hackathon

#herHACK will return this year, featuring a range of educational workshops and networking opportunities starting at the end of Summer, culminating with the main hackathon in Q4. 
We are currently finalising the details and will release more information in the coming weeks.

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Join our digital enthusiasts and put your plans into action!


Welcome to #herHACK

Are you passionate about leveraging technology for positive impact? If you’re 18 or older, fluent in English, and eager to join a female-led hackathon, sign up now! This event offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills on real-world challenges, collaborate with peers, exchange ideas and knowledge, and gain invaluable experience. We invite and encourage participation from all genders and fields of expertise. Let’s work together to tackle today’s most urgent issues.



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solutions towards the UN SDGs developed

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Unique and female friendly

An opportunity to hone your skills on real-world challenges, collaborate with peers, share ideas and knowledge and gain valuable experience. 


#herHACK presents an amazing opportunity to build your skills by tackling real-world challenges in teams. Are you ready to develop solutions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals?


Through the years, #herHACK build a community of like-minded people with lots of networking and mentorship opportunities. Together, we create innovative solutions and have lots of fun.
Join us on our group "herHACK Community" on LinkedIn.


#herHACK fosters inclusivity, respect and a sense of belonging. While we put a particular focus on women, we encourage participation for everyone irrespective of gender or nationality.

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