#herHACK 20.23

A female-led hackathon


Frequently asked Questions by Partners

When is the event?

The event starts at 08:00 in the morning and runs until 21:00 in the evening.

No, it does not: the event will end at 21:00 on the first day and continue at 08:00 in the morning on the next day.

Yes, it is. There are lunch and evening breaks and other programme aspects, but most of the time is dedicated to solving the challenge.

No, it is not: the participants need to be physically present during the 2 days of the event. This is why we recommend that the mentors and challenge owners are on-site for those days.

Yes, it is open to men too. #herHACK is an exclusive hackathon and everyone is welcome.

a team that has team members with various backgrounds.

a team that is formed solely of people with a STEM background.

We expect around 3 Mentors per company. However, if you want to be more people, please reach out to astrid@digitalswitzerland.com

Yes, this is the ideal situation. We are aware that resources could be limited and require at least one mentor on site. But we don’t recommend this option.

Being on-site, close to the participants, is a great way to interact with them and solve any questions.

In addition, we know from previous #herHACK iterations, that having onsite mentors is far more beneficial than them being online. 

A mentor is supposed to help the participants with their solutions.

They could ideally also coach them on a certain area of expertise (designing, coding, marketing, etc.), but this last point is not requested.

We do not have special requirements for mentors. However, since you will be able to give three mentors as a minimum, it would be great if you could have at least 1 mentor from a tech background. 

Preferably, in person, as this was noted to be the most preferred method. However, generally, communication can also be conducted through the discord server. 

The information on how to make a challenge can be found here: Challenge Template

The challenge owner is the person who knows all about the challenge and is the go-to person to answer subjective questions about the challenge. 

Yes, you can. Please reach out to astrid@digitalswitzerland.com

The guidelines on how to make a challenge can be found here: Challenge Template

We expect the challenges to be done at least 2 months before the event starts. This is in order to refine the challenges if it is needed. 

Preferably, in person or via the discord server.

As a partner, you will have different possibilities for visibility. 
If you are a main partner, you will be mentioned as a #herHACK partner in all of our communications. You will also have the possibility to create a challenge for the participants on their solutions and interact with the participants and the other #herHACK partners at the Marketplace and so much more.

For more information please reach out to: astrid@digitalswitzerland.com

The marketplace is an opportunity for you to present your company as an employer. Given that #herHACK attracts a pool of talent who are highly qualified and looking for a new position, it is a good place for you to find directly potential new employees. 

As a main #herHACK partner, you are offered a stand at the Marketplace at the national #herHACK event. The Partner chooses between a normal table (76×152 cm) or a standing table for their booth space. They are allocated a 200 x 200 cm area that they can utilise as they see fit, but this usage must be approved by digitalswitzerland beforehand. The Partner is permitted to have a maximum of 2 individuals to manage the booth during the event. Additionally, the Partner may bring one company roll-up display.

Please note that any further materials or setups beyond these provisions require additional approval from digitalswitzerland.

The #herHACK organisers will try and organise a display, as far as it is possible by the venue. 

See below the image as a reference:

The main #herHACK Partner may bring one company roll-up display and materials to fill their stand at the Marketplace.

Please note that any further materials or setups beyond these provisions
require additional approval from digitalswitzerland.

The #herHACK organisers will try and organise a display, as far as it is possible, by the venue. 

The main #herHACK Partners are asked to make videos that will only be distributed to the participants:

  1. a Social Media video highlighting why they are supporting this year’s #herHACK initiative.
  2. in addition to this, two more videos about their challenge:
    1. one short (approx. 1 min) with high-level information
    2. one long (max. 5 min) with all details about it 

Here are the guidelines for the 2 videos to provide us :

– the 1st video IS high-level information on the challenge. 
This should have a maximum length of 30 to 45 seconds, ideally in landscape format and good quality/high resolution. It should briefly present the subject of your challenge – without any details – to avoid any cheating by participants. It will be broadcast in advance – at least one month before – so that participants can research more about the subject if necessary and tease other hesitant people.

– The 2nd video details the challenge fully. 
Ideally in landscape format, in good quality and between 2 and 5 minutes maximum. This will present the challenge fully, with all the details, with the nuances and other data information necessary for participants to work on the challenge. This video is necessary because there will be no other time to present your challenge during the hackathon!

Please submit the social media video as soon as possible, so we can plan them into our social media plan – at least 3 months before the national event. The videos for the challenges have to be submitted 1 month before the start of the national event. 

Please head to herhack.ch/info

The event starts on the first day at 08:00 in the morning until 21:00 in the evening and continues on the second day at 08:00 in the morning.

Principally, no, it is not. The event is exclusively for our participants who registered (and our partners).

However, in some parts (e.g. the finals), it may be open to the public.

Unfortunately, no, as the solution is the intellectual property of the teams. You will need to first ask the team’s approval before implementing anything in your company.

Yes, they can be. By participating in this event, you consent that pictures can be taken and that the #herHACK organisation can use them.

Yes, you will a few weeks after the event.

For this, #herHACK offers a Marketplace during the national event, where, as a main #herHACK partner, you will have the opportunity to present your company.

You are also free to highlight some job offers to the participants that you are actively recruiting for. 

Please reach out to: astrid@digitalswitzerland.com

Yes, there will be. As a reminder, #herHACK is based on the UN SDGs and supports sustainable actions.

We recommend travelling by public transportation as parking is limited and ticket prices can get high. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free or reduced-price parking tickets.

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